Monday, June 27, 2005

Pull the Shower Curtain

Cue the shrieking music: neo-neocon has dubbed me a psycho-blogger! Actually, many thanks to neo-neocon for her kind introduction to the world of blogging; hers is one of my favorite new (to me) blogs, and served as an inspiration for the title of this blog. I also find that I am gravitating more to the long-form and serialized think-pieces for which she has such proficiency (curse you for making it look easier than it is!). Today she has a must-read piece on the motives and methods of the anti-war left -- it is absolutely vital to recognize that the most critical battlefield in this war is the American living room television set. As Arnaud DeBorchgrave concludes in this brief history of the coverage of the Tet Offensive and its role in the ultimate fall of Vietnam:

Bui Tin, who served on the general staff of the North Vietnamese army, received South Vietnam's unconditional surrender on April 30, 1975. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal after his retirement, he made clear the anti-war movement in the United States, which led to the collapse of political will in Washington, was "essential to our strategy." Visits to Hanoi by Jane Fonda and former Attorney General Ramsey Clark and various church ministers "gave us confidence that we should hold on in the face of battlefield reverses." America lost the war, concluded Bui Tin, "because of its democracy. Through dissent and protest it lost the ability to mobilize a will to win."

Keep up the good work, neo, and thanks again.


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