Tuesday, June 14, 2005

If they build it ...

What ghosts will come to this abomination? Jeff Jarvis has it right -- don't build it. Not on hallowed ground.

Please visit takebackthememorial.com.

Putting one or two more token conservatives on the Board of Advisors is not going to change the fact that Gramscian leftists at "leading universities" (including Charter member -- the University of Cape Town!) will control the debate, according to this press release from the IFC, from which I quote below without comment:

The character of a university allows for this form of “sacred space.” John Sexton, the president of New York University, describes the role of the great universities as “modern sanctuaries…sustaining and enhancing scholarship, creativity, and learning.” Universities, Sexton believes, have a special “commitment to free, unbridled, and ideologically unconstrained discourse in which claims of knowledge are examined, confirmed, deepened or replaced.” This commitment parallels the Center’s own commitment to a full and open exchange of ideas. President Sexton helped conceive the new Consortium.
Actually, I can't help myself -- I must comment. Perhaps you actually believe that the IFC will somehow show less Anti-Americanism and Anti-Semitism than the faculty of Charter member Columbia University. Or that the IFC itself is/will be more balanced than the sum of its institutional advisors. Then I recommend you look at the FAQ: "With respect to the importance of this work, Archbishop Desmond Tutu may have put it best..." Tutu's quote is pure pablum, but what sort of person, when thinking about 9/11, America, and the theme of freedom, would first turn to Desmond Tutu for a quote?


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Yeah, I noted the effort by certain folks to boycott Israeli scholars. That seems to have faltered and fizzled.

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